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Developing Clinical Intuition

We give more attention to the context of the patient's life in medicine. Additionally, we are rehabilitating the physician’s experience-based intuition. We can even refer to a new "moral age" in medicine and healthcare. Standards and treatment protocols may be at odds with the need for a more individualized approach.
Clinical work with patients cannot be done without a certain amount of intuition, even if we would rather not admit it. The approach of this Companion is to specify in what ways and in what sense intuition can be trained in medical practice and how this can contribute to individualization of treatment. We can use the 4-step approach to seek a deeper, intuitive understanding of the coherence of medical facts and associated phenomena. The framework for a philosophy of science for such an approach is described, and how this relates to causal analysis.

Publication number:
GVO 19
84 pages
€ 15,00 (excl. shipping)
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Author(s): Maurits in 't Veld, Majella van Maaren

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