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Depressive Disorders

Cover Depressive Disorders

The treatment of depressive disorders is increasingly under scrutiny. We classified the risk factors of depressive disorders with the scientific methods applied in systems biology and with the 4-step approach. The ordering in four biological levels that resulted from this, helps clarify the causes of the disorder. Together with the developmental history, it can point to an individualized treatment of the patient, tailored to his or her specific situation. The treatment aims at restoring the deficient forces of self-healing.

This Companion presents a working model based on this approach, as well as a variety of case histories to illustrate how this model can be applied in practice.

Tables organizing well-researched regular and integral treatment methods according to the four levels are provided.

Also available in Dutch.

Publication number: 

GVO 09

132 pages


€ 15,00 (excl. shipping)

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Author(s): Christina van Tellingen, Marko van Gerven 

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